SHIMIZU 's"PROPOL®" is highly purified natural dietary fiber manufactured with patented technologies. Taken out from special species of Amorphophallus plant tuber, our"PROPOL®" is the top grade dietary fiber with the highest molecular weight in the natural world.
"PROPOL®" have very wide application from health food, food ingredients, cosmetics, and other purposes, for its distinguished performance among natural water-soluble dietary fiber.

Product Description
Glucomannan from Amorphophallus plant tuber is consisted of mannose and glucose molecules combined in a mole ratio of 1.5-2.0:1.0. It is a slightly branched polysaccharide connected by 1-4 linkages and has an average molecular weight ranging from 200,000 to 2,000,000.

Acetyl groups along the glucomannan backbone contribute to its solubility and are located, on average, at every 9 to 19 sugar units.



Shimizu 's unique high-purifying process is carried out in a large-scale purification plants. The Amorphophallus plant tubers are first pulverized, and then the collected glucomannan particles are polished in order to dislodge and wash out noxious materials adhering to them. This process yields a refined, high performance glucomannan with a high degree of purity that improves product solubility, stability and overall functionality.
The particles are tasteless, odorless and white in color.

The Shimizu grades of glucomannan products:

・PROPOL®Series (Health Food, Functional Food) ・ PROPOL® PHOENIX (Beverage, Functional Food) 
・RHEOLEX®Series (Food, Food Additives)            ・ Cosmetics GRADE
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